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April 21, 2014

Journey seems to be on the mend

She gets to have her concentrate feed again this evening and hopefully back on trihist as she's coughing again as she's back on hay.   What a mess.   Seems like I spend all my time getting ready for a ride only to be thwarted by circumstances that really mess up my happy little world.  But I reckon I'll survive *LOL*  Last night Journey was looking at her empty feed bucket (all she is allowed right now is hay/water) and poking her little nose at me, like hey! There's something dreadfully wrong with this picture!  Yes indeed Spotted Wonder.  If nothing else smacks us down in the meantime I'll have three additional weeks to get ready for the Indy 25/50.   Will step up our training distance to 15-20 miles for our long ride, and speed up our shorts a bit.

Since I'm already on vacation next week, I'll be working with Phebes.  Took her out of the round pen for the first time in two years for a ride in the larger arena area yesterday.  She did okay.   A little edgy and offered to rebel at the trot, but I just kept stopping and restarting until we were trotting some decent large circles.  She isn't crazy about her hackamore, the nose band which is actually fairly soft and flexible bugs the heck out of her.   I'd like to try a simple side pull on her.  I have one somewhere if I can remember where I've put it (it was Puddin's).  I'm just determined to get this horse back riding like she was at least trail worthy.  If something were to happen to me, at least she'd have a shot at a trail home.  The way things stand currently...not good.  So I'm going to have a working vacation and Phebes is the project.

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  1. So glad to hear that Journey is on the mend! God I hate this time of year. And amazing how with domestication we humans have created a horse species incapable of eating grass. I swear at this point if I ever had my own horse property I think I'd do all dry lots... And I remember a vet giving a speech at a umecra convention saying to NEVER ever give banamine IM. That was the first I had heard. She was adamant. I was hoping for my first ride May 10 in Wisconsin, but I've been battling some high-fever coughing thing for 2 weeks now, not responding to anything.