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April 12, 2014

Down to the wire

Today was positive and not.  We made it 22 miles, no coughing at all, but the mud---just O-M-G, got into a little boggy crossing and lost a front hoof boot.  I got off into water up to the middle of my calves, sunk down into the muck, and fished and fished around in the mud for the boot.  I never did find it, so today was costly.  Slapped on a replacement and headed on down the trail, but it made me really reassess moving out.   1 boot about $80, 2 boots double that.  It gave me pause.  Journey did well until about sixteen miles, then her little battery went kaput. In fairness slogging through mud all day has to be tough, yet I just can't see us pulling out a 50 by the end of the month.  Things would have to dry out significantly to train with any momentum at the park booted.  Bare isn't an option as they have gravel dumped all over the place.   Really don't know what I'm going to do.  Maybe see if we can manage back to back 25's which is still 50 miles, but not the same day, and should set her up for a 50 a couple of weeks later.  Her medication could very well be making her sluggish.  I'm only giving her a night time dose now instead of twice a day, but I know when I take benadryl I feel like a slug. 

The other disappointing thing was while I was out LSEGH was talking to a couple who ride Tennessee Walking Horses.  They do about 20 miles at a pop regularly, so he I guess he mentioned endurance.  They told him they were interested at one time, and went to an FEI ride somewhere to observe.  Apparently a 100 mile ride.  The couple said there were some middle eastern Sheik's in attendance and that two horses colicked, and one died.  It gave them a very low opinion of endurance.   I'm hearing more and more of this from non-distance riders, if something doesn't give, and FEI doesn't clean up their act, NOBODY will be riding endurance at some point.  I know there has been a lot of posturing,  but I agree with some of the old-timers.  The farther we distance ourselves from that mess, or fix it... the longer the sport  (as we know it) will exist.


  1. Why are you training in boots if the trails are so muddy? I understand that your ride might require boots, but if you aren't training in hard gravel trails I wouldn't bother with the boots. Journey is used to boots, and she can go barefoot right? My first ride in May will require boots but because everything around me is soft too, I'm not conditioning in them.

  2. Because where there isn't mud, it is strewn with rocks and dumploads of gravel. I don't boot at home.