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April 20, 2014


Journey had a bout with colic yesterday evening.   I noticed her rolling out in the little grazing area that she had been turned out in for the past few days intermittently.   We feed before dark and when I put her in the barn to eat she refused her Strategy/ Hay, and began pawing, pacing, and acting like she wanted to roll.  I took her out of the stall and it got worse and worse.  After hand walking for over an hour we finally managed to get a "very grumpy and disgruntled" vet out here.  She had IV Banamine, and a sedative, and finally began eating some grass hay.  He felt that the recent vaccinations coupled with the change to grass and addition of a small amount of sweet feed to her diet probably set it off.  Her gut sounds were hyperactive, and droppings were not normal in appearance.  She also may have found a noxious plant somewhere to set it off.  He said she needs the week off, and to ease back into work.  So the packed and ready to go trailer won't be heading to Top of the Rock.  I'm disappointed, but the fear of having a horse with a bowel obstruction and what that would mean living so far from a treatment facility certainly dampers my disappointment.  I was just so relieved that it wasn't worse.   She still seems a bit off to me today.   Nibbling hay, but not going at it with gusto.   So I have to keep an eye on things still.

I am going to keep my scheduled vacation later this week.  Kind of burned out on work and the break will give me time to work with Phebes which might have been lost in the shuffle.   If Journey turns around okay, and eases back into work with no issue we have reservations for camping at MIDWEST next month, and I'll try a ride then.


  1. Sorry about the timing, VERY glad things are looking up.

    Colic pretty much just means belly-ache, but it scares the tar out of all horsemen. We know what it CAN mean.


  2. So sorry to hear this. Very scary! Glad she's better now :)

  3. So glad she is okay!!! (Disappointing set-back...)