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March 25, 2014

Couldn't get a vet until Friday

Thank goodness it is just a cough I guess!   I only heard her cough once yesterday, and so far not at all today.  Hopefully by the time the vet gets here it will all be over.  She was hacking so bad over the weekend that I just pulled the plug, dismounted, and walked her back home.  Journey got her snooter into a round bale of hay, we discovered it had molded (though the outside was pretty and green and had been stored inside).  We rolled it out of the horse lot as soon as we realized, but Journey is very sensitive to stuff.  The bale had been in our barn close to her stall for a week, and I believe those mold spores were roving around the barn.  I'll be so glad when I can put The Spotted Wonder back on grass.   I'm still going to have the vet listen to her lungs, float her teeth, and maybe pull blood so we have a baseline of what her normal levels are for future reference.  Phebes has a big old something on her belly in front of the udder about soft ball sized.  Don't know if she has a hernia, a fatty tumor, or what the ?  Good Lord when it rains it pours buckets here in the Kingdom of Mare.  Hoping I won't be too poor to attend Top of the Rock.

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