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February 25, 2014

The Pre-Conditioning Commences

It really isn't news worthy, blog-worthy, or even particularly interesting, but regardless, I'm glad to be back at it with my horse and moving towards Spring.  Several people have given me their assurance that Spring will indeed return if I just stare out at the grass long enough.  Journey though she has a rather strong personality and likes to cast her vote in things has been a good match for me in a horse.  I'm mostly feeling grateful today that I have her, and that I can hopefully ride her as long as I'm able to continue riding.  There is something about being on the long side of middle aged that nothing seems certain, like when you are young.  Gives one pause to listen to the radio each morning and hear the reports of who kicked off over night, and many are younger than you.  Makes you kind of want to grab the brass ring while you can.

I've wondered some lately about my inadvertent abrasiveness to other people.  Especially in the blog-is-phere.  I laugh when I think about it as I seem to have a mysterious talent for it.  It is never my intention to come across that way.  As a general rule I really like people, and take joy in their happiness, and feel sad when they hurt, and love their adventures.  For years it has been somewhat of a mystery to me that I repel rather than attract.  Today I figured it out.  It is because I refuse to be controlled.  I will be your friend, your family member, I'll share my stuff, and keep your secrets, but I will not, WILL NOT be controlled.  I've no interest in cliches, or snobbery, or being told how to live, or laugh, or play, or in telling others how they should do likewise.  Maybe I like to follow the beat of my own drum.  I like that about me, and once in awhile someone else does too ♥

Off to world of work and mental health for the next couple of.  Have a great week.      ~E.G.


  1. Well I, for one, have loved reading your adventures - and have learned a lot about the different sports. I wish I had your drive when it comes to riding. Right now I am pouting about not having been able to touch my horses in the last month. It has been 11 (yep, eleven) years since I have gone more than a week without being near them. We had boarded them with a friend in AZ for 4 months way back then and decided to not do that any more. Even then we got to see them every 3 weeks because we worked there sometimes. Now I just whine....
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. Having a few months off for me was PURGATORY. I'm so happy to be back in the saddle even if the Spotted Wonder is flying her flag of rebellion here in The Kingdom of Mare. Have a great week B.C. ☺