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February 20, 2014

Product Recommendations & Stuff

We all know that I am not an expert on the sport of distance riding.  I feel as new as a newbie still. Even though I'm not exactly.  However ten LD's or so and one endurance ride does not an endurance rider make. I'm a work in progress.  But...I do enjoy sharing what I know, books I've read that I have found helpful, and free links for the reading on this and that.   I occasionally recommend a title, but generally will not if I have not read it myself, same goes with a product. If I have not used it I can only speculate.  Take Renegade Hoof boots for instance.  I had not tried them until last year, so I wasn't going to say they were a great boot, or not.  Today, I will say so.  I've used them, worked out most of the issues we had with them, and I'm a satisfied consumer.

 I will also consider the source.  Is the person, book, product I'm recommending good for a newbie of zero experience based upon my own personal experience , after all, that is ALL I HAVE to go on.  Is the person an encourager to people new to the sport, or will they try to discourage and tear someone down.  We need builder up-ers! Not kick you when you are down-ers.  (I got kicked, more than a few times thank you). Thank God for the hey you can do it types!  If it's pertaining to product, was it useful, or just another piece of useless paraphernalia that is going to gather dust in the corner of the shed, if it is a book is it necessary if the information in it is out there for free... have I read it, do I want to read it?   A newbie shouldn't have to buy the basics.   We should stand in line and give it freely, as it was mostly given to us.   I read because I love to read, and yes, I usually pick a little gem of information from place to place or book to book. Once you've read one that is comprehensive, you don't need to purchase three, four, or five, unless you love to read, as I do.  There is a lot of valuable free information out there for the finding.  My advice is to insert the author's name into the AERC Rider history data base and look at their pulls, and did not completes, and if that all seems pretty good, proceed.  It is not a guarantee, but you are hedging the bet.  If it doesn't feel right in your gut, trust your gut.  Includes me.  I'm just a little old fat lady out trying the sport as I can afford it, on the horse I have.

From the few products I have recommended on this blog I have tried them,concerning books have primarily read with a very few exceptions, or if I point to someone as a resource, or their blog as an example, I have reason to believe strongly that they are a bright light in the sport (Karen Chaton for instance).  Wish I could meet her someday, not likely due to geographical separation and such, regardless, her record stands for itself.  If she ever writes a book I'll likely buy it so I can share it, how can it not be good? 

As for what I personally profit from my blog?  Once a year or so I sell a really cool t-shirt that nets me almost $2.90    The real  profit of this blog for me is the joy I've had doing my horse thing, and making my way along through the sport so glacially slow it has been ridiculous.  But hey!  I'm getting there...yes I am!  The joy of writing, sharing, and keeping this super long journal of sorts, and the friends it has made me along the way.  There are indeed a few really special ones.

So on that note...Spring is coming, I have horse hair in my curry to prove it.   You all have a great weekend.  ~E.G.

*My reply to this post has been deleted as the poster has decided to remove their original comment.  Hoping no hard feelings.  We all just approach things from different angles, for different purposes, and sometimes there are personal reasons one does not wish to make "public."  Sometimes there is an agenda that resembles cyber bullying.  I maintain control  of my personal blogging journal.  In the past I've allowed some pretty spiteful people have their say.  I figure they can do that on their own blogs, facebook, what have you.   I want to keep it upbeat and positive here.  I want to be helpful if I can.  Thank you for your understanding. 


  1. Even here in upstate New York, last night I got a curry full of hair- hurray! Or not hurray, last fall I got a painful case of tendinitis in my elbow from brushing (and brushing and brushing) our rescue mule.
    I'd love to know what your issues were with Renegades. I just got mine, and haven't quite figured out the initial fitting thing. I let him wear them for a few minutes in the barn, but they mostly just clopped-dragged while he moseyed around.
    I love your blog, btw, especially your cartoons. I think you've got enough horse sense that if you were to recommend a product, I'd probably try it. I feel the same about Karen. She's right up there in my book, but you aren't far behind her. Your credibility is pretty great, I'd say :)

  2. Robynne, In truth I'm pretty sure the issues I had with the Renegades initially were all related to my user error. There is a learning curve, and sometimes I'm not the brightest tool in the shed. We had to shorten the cables so that we had only about a half-inch of strap left over once it was velcro-ed down, especially the toe strap as that controls tension on the heel captivator. I also had to go a size smaller on the ankle straps because I had too much strap left over. Once that was sorted out (and the initial sizing) we've been rolling along pretty good, even in the mud. If you have trouble, just be sure to call Renegade and speak to a customer service rep or ask for Gina. I don't think they stay up to the moment on their email, but I've had very good luck over the phone.

    Are you still going to do your cross country ride?