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December 10, 2013

Weather, Snow, Toil and Trouble

The snow is piling up again this morning. Another two inches overnight, so a total of nine inches in a weeks time and it isn't even Christmas yet!  My horse activities (at least the fun ones) are on the skids, as the responsibilities of this ill-suited homestead put fun on the back burner and work to the forefront.  Water to carry out, stalls to muck daily, hay to be scattered about, firewood to carry in, ash to carry out, and all the tracking in and out makes quite a mess so then there is that! 

I've been thinking about my 2014 goals since I can't actually do anything, and I'm just not sure yet.  The wonderful ACA (also known as Obamacare) caused our insurance plan to change in some very negative ways.  Labs which used to be covered aren't, and LSEGH and I both require some of those at our age, our deductibles went up 300%,  and our out of pocket went up significantly.  The mental health services agency I work for has deemed it inappropriate to give raises to the entireworking class of our operation (CEO's being the exception) for five years running, and everything, especially horse feed and fuel, goes up, up, and up.  So it boils down to money is extremely tight.    I'm not sure I can afford a goal in 2014!  The goal I'm thinking about the most is changing jobs in a very tight employment market.  I currently earn three weeks of vacation a year, and that would be the saddest part of giving up my current job.  Those vacation hours afford me the time to condition, and go places now and then.  As does my funky work schedule of two half days and two long days, giving me a three day weekend almost every week. 

It looks like Journey's staph infection has cleared.  She was miserable with boils.  First one, then another, and then some more.  I was spending my time with hot compresses and antibacterials, and losing ground.  Consulted with the vet and got her on some meds for a week, and everything has cleared up and she is a much happier girl!

Work with Phebes has come to a screaming halt since the snow.  Our work area is outdoors and slick with snow over a layer of ice.

I've been in contact with a newbie out of Ohio who might want to do some conditioning rides together.  She rides much faster than I do, but I think we can come to a happy medium as to riding together for the greater good.  Journey has had a couple of years of LSD and I feel she is ready to pick the pace up above 5 mph.  No aspirations of averaging much over 7-8 mph EVER.  I do think a ride buddy would inspire her to put in a bit more effort which would make her much better prepared if we do get to a ride next year. 


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