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December 24, 2013

The Year in Review

I would have to say that the start of 2013 was definitely a transitional time for me.  The year would be full of unexpected happenings, and not all of them good! 

 My daughter up and moved to Oceanside California  

which was a happy thing for her, but I have sure missed her.  And yes, she is "that" pretty if I say so myself.

My husband and the gangrene episode surely shook the rafters of this house called life and though he has recovered, we are still dealing with the aftermath of that.  

*Note: I am banned from posting pictures of LSEGH.

My oldest daughter got married.  See we have dirty feet and I have a farmer's tan..and very white legs!
Maggie Mae Homos-erectis left us (I miss her big old ears and her sweet ratty face).
And Bella Boopster moved in.
Bella was very fearful when she moved in and after six months of nurturing is my little lap dog and plays some mean squeaky toy games.
And the trailer trash to less trashy project got underway and I was very happy with the results and even enjoy sleeping up there in the nose.

I successfully completed our first solo CMO, finding all the objectives, and a first place finish (in a very small puddle).  But hey...I was excited!

Journey and I trained hard beginning in late April and set our compass towards an endurance ride.  A REAL (not fake) *gasp* LD, but... (LOL) ENDURANCE RIDE.   I had very little hope of finishing.  Our conditioning rides though going great were always falling short on time by 5 -10 minutes and that was without being lost, losing a boot, or any myriad of things that could possibly go wrong at a ride.  But Patti Stedman assured me that I needed to give the sport at least another whirl.  So I shifted my focus.   I stopped looking outward, quit worrying about fitting in, and kept my line of sight on our own little bubble.  Just me, my horse, what I know I am capable of which is getting a horse fit in a slow practical way, and figured we live or we die, but we will start that ride.  It was the best ride of my life.  

So the year was one of change, change, change, and meeting the goal finally.  The # 63 may it live in infamy!



  1. So pleased for you guys! You've become such wonderful partners and done so well together :)

  2. You turned a difficult year into a successful year. Way to go!
    Bionic Cowgirl