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October 28, 2013

Tapering down ,the dreaded cough, and putting my foot back into the sport.

After completely stripping Journey's stall of the pelleted (dusty) bedding, and an overnight outdoors, the coughing episode appears to have resolved. No signs of infection.  She's bright, eating well, and on yesterdays "wiggle around" ride she was a fire breathing dragon (a.k.a. pain in the butt).  We kept our ride to just under an hour, pretty much enough to break a sweat.  Mostly we just walked, did some slow hill climbing, and a single sprint up the field and called it a day.  Today and tomorrow I'll probably keep it down to a half hour.  As to our one and only distance ride for the year, I am at a loss currently as to which day we will ride.    The weather reports keep changing, and I don't want Journey spending the night before a ride standing out in a cold rain.  Been there, done that, and didn't like the idea of my horse getting no rest, head hanging down with rain dripping off her nose all night. So I will likely choose the optimal day and probably so will most everyone else. 

I'm just gonna try it.  See what happens.  Try to keep an open mind.  Focus on my horse and myself.  See what happens. 


  1. Crossing my fingers that the weather will clear up so that you can have a pleasant ride. It sounds like you are both ready! :-)

  2. "I'm just gonna try it. See what happens. Try to keep an open mind. Focus on my horse and myself. See what happens. "

    That is a great idea, do that! Don't let anyone affect your ride, all that matters is your horse.

  3. Good luck. Glad the cough resolved itself and you have your 'fire-breathing dragon' back. It seems we forgive them lots of things when we get scared we might lose them.
    Bionic Cowgirl