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October 25, 2013

Journey has a cough

I don't see much of Journey (if at all) on Wednesday and Thursdays.   Home today I got her out and she had her hooves trimmed, and she coughed once in the process.  Of course my antenna goes straight up as we are one week from our only distance ride for 2013.  We've been conditioning diligently since June and done a handful of mock 25 mile rides, one a week ago.  Since then the weather has shifted to cool during the day and cold at night.  I switched Journey's bedding to a pellet thinking it would create less dust.  Blunder obviously.  I noticed on our slow hill climbs this evening that she was breathing much harder than she should have been, and by the time we got back she was hacking and had a slightly runny nose.  Can I possibly turn this around in just a few days?  Stripped her stall to bare dirt, and airing it out.   Leaving the horses out this evening with the run in shed for shelter.  Started  her on an antibiotic just in case. 

Sometimes I almost believe my little endeavor is cursed. If you are the praying kind, send a word up for the Spotted Wonder's speedy recovery.

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  1. I hope it's just a temporary thing, poor girl! I've had great success with a syringe of Air Power from Finish Line. It's just honey and apple cider vinegar, but it sure helped. Good luck!