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September 25, 2013

Pinching Leathers & Stuff

Of late my most irritating rider issue is pinching of my right calf.  Last time I rode 25 I had big old hematoma on my calf like a goose egg.   I already have sheepskin covers on my leathers.  Granted, they have seen better days, but my left leg is fine.  First I adjusted those to get the benefit of the better wooly area as I'd almost worn them through where they were.  Nope.  Still pinched.   Next I took a sheet of foam rubber and wrapped the leather.  Still pinched.  Added half-chaps.  You got it, still hurt, but not as pinchy.  Not good for over five miles or so though. 

Yesterday I'd gone to the TSC for some grass pellets, and Spotted Wonder special feed and happened to walk by a display of winter socks.  I only have one pair of wool socks, and thought it would be good to have a spare in case I get my feet wet in cold weather.   I picked up these acrylic/wool blend Carrhart socks and o-m-g they were the softest, cushiest CUSHIEST socks EVER.   My brain synapses had not fired yet to put one plus one might be two...on a whim I tried them in my new boots last night.  They came up almost knee high.  Put my half chaps over them, and my ride was pinch free.  As a bonus they cushioned the ball of my foot a little more and were a big improvement.  I've never paid $12 for a pair of socks ever in my life.  But these socks are the best.  They solved a problem and I expect my toes will be toasty warm.


The Spotted Wonder's focus is still hill work.  She hates, hates, hates it.    She sees a hill and tries to turn around and go the other way!   I know it is because it is just so hard for her, but that is the exact reason she needs to do it.  It pulls at my heart strings making her do it.  I like my animals to be happy as much as possible.  On the other hand after an hour and half of that on the way home we cantered nearly the entire length of the neighbor's field without any sign of her wanting to quit or run-away.   So she is getting stronger and more sensible from working the hills. 

I continue to wave the flag of the Renegade hoof boots.   My life is so much easier.  It has easily paired of fifteen minutes of my getting the horse ready time.  I can hardly get over how easy these things go on, and come off, and we are putting some miles on them with continued no rubbing success.  The Vipers give some really good traction on hills too.   By the weekend we should be running these on all four.

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