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September 21, 2013

Hoping to catch an end of the year ride

Looking at my gear...I've never done a cold rainy, snowy, or otherwise frosty competition ride.  I'm trying to think of the must haves, but afraid I'll figure it out when I wish I had it.

I have:

Rump-rug (not waterproof though) (should I spray it with waterproofing?)
Medium weight waterproof horse blanket.
Very lightweight not waterproof sheet.
2 woolback pads so I can put a dry one on at the check.

Long under-armour shirt.
Light Frogg Toggs waterproof jacket.
Long underwear.
2 pair of regular weight tights.
Wool socks
2 pair of people boots.
Rain cover for my helmet.
Light weight gloves and heavy weight gloves.

Propane buddy heater, quilts, and blankets.

My biggest concern is a wet cold rain overnight for Journey.   Don't like the idea of her being cold and not resting overnight and then asking her to go all day...clear and cold would be manageable.  How do you all keep your horse comfortable in less than optimal conditions?

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  1. Its probably too late now, but I fold back the dividers in my trailer and make a "stall" when it rains. Both Sonny (Jen's gelding) and Mika have hung out in the trailer overnight together. I've also "stalled" him alone in there overnight. I put hay all the way up against the tack wall and hang a couple water buckets back there. Keeps them warm and mostly dry (stock trailer).