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September 18, 2013

And for your entertainment

Since our pace continues to be a problem, and we had not included cantering in our work sessions since the fall on the face episode some weeks back I hoped to start building the Spotted Wonder up a bit in this regard.  My neighbor has a hay field that has been recently mowed, and I had pre-ridden looking out for holes and dips and such.  It all looked good.  What I did not factor in was how full of herself she was going to be after doing a 25 on Saturday...we went four-legged bronc air-borne on the first attempt, one-rein stopped, and attempted again only to have Bella rush the fence and cause a sideways spook of epic proportions.  The Spotted Wonder every now and then decides that she will have a vote in the process.  This can result in:  bolting, bucking, an unplanned trip through the cedar trees, briars, or (fill in the blank).  So that didn't work out so well.  I need to do some schooling in a more contained area but the logger has trees out in my little dirt arena area right now.  The evening ride wasn't a total wash, since she was so "energetic" I pointed her at some hills for an hour then followed up with getting a nice fast walk home.

We really need a 2 mph increase in speed on these training sessions and so help me ... I don't know how to get it.  The easy answer seems to be build in some cantering on the flats.  That didn't go so well tonight.  *sigh*  But Friday will maybe be another day. 

Work is calling my name for a twelve hour shift.

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