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August 16, 2013

The Mother of all Boot Rubs

Since I intended to trot our paved road for about 2 miles of our loop this evening, I decided to Glove her back hooves.  Since the O's are too narrow now, the next size up 0.5 won't stay put without a triple wrap of vet wrap.  Through this process Journey was fidgeting, and taking her foot away, and being a turd because the flies wouldn't leave her alone.  I believe when I wrapped her hoof I got the vet wrap to tight coming up and over the heel bulbs. I felt horrible when the boot was pulled.  The hide is gone.  Not chafed, GONE. I washed it and coated it with antibiotic and swat to keep the flies down.  I feel horrible that I inadvertently likely caused this myself.  I'll be happy for Journey when I can get this boot thing done, and run something that fits her right.   Tired of wrapping pasterns, replacing gaiters if I get the non-rub style we go through a gaiter a week...if I get the ones that last I have to do wraps under them, and risk the wrap getting lost and getting a rub, or have an issue like tonight.  I'm sure it hurt like the dickens it would have to....Journey just kept on chugging.  It kind of breaks my heart.   I'll have to re-adapt our conditioning schedule again.  Move our long slow distance ride out another week to let that foot heal.  I can run her bare and get in an hour or so of slow hills instead, and by Tuesday she should be alright to run our loop bare, I'll just have to walk the rocky areas and the road.  So we may be bent, but we at least aren't broken. 

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