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August 24, 2013

Some sort of little snafu with my boots

They didn't arrive as planned.  Apparently something being corrected, changed, modified in the material of the boot?  So we ran the gloves on the back today with the wraps, and we still got a slight rub, just some fur off, not bloody this time.  Renegades on the front, and not a mark anywhere.  My back set they said did ship out today, so I'm relieved about that.  We have a 25 mile conditioning ride on our schedule in three weeks, so that gives me a little time to tweak them, and use them on some shorter rides to see if she will clunk herself on the back (on going problem with her gloves right now).  Today we had on underwraps, the gloves, and full coverage sport boots on the back, and I could here her clunking around back there.  She'd have been hamburger without all the protection.  Phebes was a much easier horse to boot and of course she didn't really need them that much, where the Spotted Wonder does.

I do appreciate that Renegade took the initiative to call and leave me a message today as I was very concerned my boots had been mailed and never made it here.  It was a huge relief to find we are indeed still getting them ☺  So four down, two more to go...

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