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August 1, 2013


From the beginning there has always been something special about Journey.  I have difficulty defining exactly what that something is.

  • She is not the easiest horse to communicate with.
  • She is bossy and dominate in the mare heirarchy.
  • She sometimes decides she is doing the driving.
  • She is fussy about what she will eat making her a hard keeper.
Seems like she should just move on down the pike.

I guess if you put it in a nutshell I like her good sense about her general environment.
Her ability to learn that a deer or a duck startles but does not eat you for lunch. She has some toughness to her too. Just when you think she is about done, she digs in like a little bull dog after a bone. I like that in her. She has TRY.

Journey will likely never be a first place  any kind of horse, but that is okay by me.

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  1. What is it about these sassy, little dominant mares that makes us love them? Those who have never fallen in love with one, don't get it - and those that have, would never have any other kind. I love how you and Journey go along.
    Bionic Cowgirl