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July 28, 2013

The Versailles State Park CMO October 12 and 13

Yay!!!  I ran into the ladies that are going to host the ride and they got their permission to hold the NACMO/ CMO at the Versailles State Park the weekend of October 12 and 13.   So I'll make use of this weekend to just enjoy myself and find some plates, and perhaps get some speedy hill climbing in.   I'm so excited the ride managers managed to get it done ☺  I put flyers on everyone's vehicles before I left as the day parking area at the park was full and spilling over with trailers.  I'm pretty sure the managers got one on their rig too as I didn't know what they were driving *LOL*. 


Got in a steady eddie ride today.  Journey just felt like she wasn't feeling the l♥ve for the whole process today.  She was good.  She was steady.  But not putting out anymore than absolutely necessary.  It is probably good that she conserves herself, but we only squeaked out 5 mph average and a 12:01 min/ per mile average pace.

Chart one is from July 7th.  A different course but about the same mileage and our average was horrid.
The next chart is from today and is more consistent.  So when I look at it that way, I think I feel better.

I like seeing lots of light blue...just need to creep it up a little bit more.  Fourteen weeks to get it done.

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