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July 13, 2013

The Renegade Learning Curve

There definitely is one.  So far we've lost a set-screw and managed to pull a cable loose.  The former was an accident and the second could have been avoided by reading the instructions on how to tighten the toe strap just a bit more closely...I was trying to tighten by only pulling (rather hard) on toe strap without balancing the pull from both sides.  This caused a gap along the hoof wall, so I thought hmmm....not tight enough.  LSEGH gave me the look and plodded to the house to see if the cable could be re-inserted.  We think we've got it, but can't test the boots until we get a new set screw (or a plethora of them).   By appearance I don't believe they will need cut back, but she isn't freshly trimmed.  There is a serious learning curve on these boots compared to the gloves that I'm used to.  However, I see that once you get the issues worked out the Renegades will be much easier to put on and take off.  They will get a test that's for sure.   We will use them on the longe line first, then trotting on blacktop, and then the rock and mud trail at speed once I'm sure they will stay put.  As far as Journey she could have cared less, I'm sure to her a boot is a boot is a boot.  

It turned out that these were the jade green, and after a gentle wash-down they looked new.  Nicole was very gracious to gift me with these.   With the boots being a gift, it leaves a little in the budget to order some spare parts.  I'm interested in knowing what is the most likely component to go kaput?   I'm guessing the cable based on experience ☺ 

Anyone have a general mileage life on the boots?


  1. Typically the first thing to go is the tension straps...they are velcro, which does have a finite life. Next would probably be the cable. If the cable pulled out while being tightened, it probably wasn't held securely enough by the set screw. A tip on fitting and adjusting: They do not need to be super-tight. "Goodly snug" for the tension on the cables, but think of it like lacing up your sneakers: Enough to be stable, but not so tight that it's uncomfortable.

  2. I get about 800 miles to a pair, then I use them for parts. I have only had one cable break in 3 years. I replace the Velcro bits about 3-4 times over the life if the boot. I think mud will make you replace Velcro more often, but may not wear the bottom down as much (I'm riding on lots of rock and granite-crush trails). I love that all the parts are replaceable, and just keep and extra set of everything around.

  3. I am not one to use as a rule of thumb but crooked going Rose liked to destroy cables. I've had several other friends use Renegades and cables and Velcro always went first. Order yourself a back up set of everything though and keep it all in a ziplock baggie and that way in a pinch you've always got the part.

  4. Oh... and I've put close over 600 miles on the base of my original pair and they've still got plenty of tread. I loved the boots but until I can get Rose to travel straighter she's going to keep pulling her's off.