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July 29, 2013

Bummer...Lost my ride to the next two CMO's

*Pretty big sigh*

A little bummed.  The lady I was hitching a ride with has decided to just spend the couple weeks up north, and I can't really do that.  Don't want to burn all of my year's vacation, nor be gone that long.  Glad she gave me a heads up though, so I can stir up more lemonade.

So I have two long four day weekends planned (PTO approved), and no place to go.  Thinking about how to use those two weekends to the best advantage for bringing Journey along.  Leaves me down to the one CMO in October.  I'll miss out on my shot at the two team rides  I needed for points in short course (was going to get those in Illinois).  I might check into camping at Henryville.  I'm not sure how the horse camp area fared in the tornados last year...Maybe someone on ITRA will know. 

Anyone want to hop in and go camping?  Climb some hills?

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