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July 16, 2013

Accidental Fix

Journey came here as barn sour as you could ever never want.  Our at home rides were very tedious, and she was just a bear to manage.  Away rides were great!  Since I've started riding within "the bubble" of home, never being more than a half mile out in any given direction I've seen a major improvement in her behavior and attitude.  Especially since running home has become work.  Working in the problem area cured the problem it seems.   We lack one little hurdle and that is for her not to tip her head to home at certain turn-offs, but compared to the spinning cow horse, rearing and bucking horse of two years ago...I'll take it!

We are waiting for a break in the heat humidity cycle to complete our fitting of the Renegades.  The feel today will be 104 degrees.  I was going to ride, but think I'll just round up The Kingdom of Mare, and cold hose them all.  Then take a nap ☺

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