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July 4, 2013

A Gift of Renegades ☺

I contacted a friend of mine asking about her experience using Renegade hoof boots.  She said she liked them, but hadn't hardly used them. Her mare mostly goes bare.  (I agree that mare has some tough hooves).  She mentioned she'd consider selling them, so I told her Journey's size for the fronts, and they matched.  She has gifted Journey with the boots!  I get to pick them up next Saturday when we meet for lunch.  Two down...two more, and a spare to go.   They will likely have to be cut back a little.  I'm going to run them on the fronts for awhile and see what I think.  If I like them, I'll start trying to source the 0's for the back through Renegade as they will need some tweaking.  I don't foresee an issue with the front boots, the backs might present a bit of a challenge as she often brushes herself at the canter/gallop and has to wear protection to keep from nicking herself.  She eventually overcame this wearing the Gloves, so we will see.  Thank you all for the comments, and emails which were very helpful.  I feel very blessed to be getting a shot at these, ahead of schedule considering my budget for gear this year was practically nil☺  Journey could have used her gloves, but the fit right now just isn't optimal.  Do-able, but not optimal.

Yay! Front renegades.  Big thanks to Nicole.  YOU ARE AWESOME.


Journey is back in work.  It has been hit or miss with a full week of intermittent soaking rain, and now a forecast of another full week of the same.  The trails have her sinking pastern deep in low areas.  She's only worked herself up to a five mile + ride at pace.  The humidity has been running well over 60% most days, heat in the 80's, biting flies...and they don't just chew on the horse.  I've lived in Southeastern Indiana all of my life, and every summer I am surprised by how truly miserable heat/humidity can be.  You sweat, but it won't evaporate, so you don't cool off.  Your clothes start sticking to your skin, and little rivers of sweat slide down your spine.  Journey took nine minutes to pulse down from a 5.2 mile ride.  Blech!

Since I didn't have the heart to do that to her again today (maybe tomorrow... I'll work up the fortitude of toughness and give her a workout),  I took Bella Boopster out with me and worked on expanding my little trail network here on the farm.  The creek is up so I can't ride the five mile loop to the north, and three trees (and the new neighbor) are blocking me permanently from my trail network of 5 miles to the south.  suddenly I'm a woman without handy trail access.   I knew it could happen.  Just didn't think it would happen so soon.  Our place is only about 25 acres and if I ride all my little ups, downs, and arounds, I gps about a half mile.  Conditioning is still possible, but it is b-o-r-i-n-g.     What I call the "little loop" is just over a mile circling our place, and my nearest neighbor, and coming up the road at a walk to cool her down in between.   I've been making do with that until I can get myself hauled to the park or the creek gets out of flood stage.  The truck did get fixed.  The fuel pump went bad.  Again.  


  1. cool! i can offer a trade: size 1 easyboot bares for size ,005 gloves! anyone?

  2. Congrats on the renegades! If you need cutbacks and aren't, you will want to cut them back otherwise they won't stay on as well. Talk to Ashley about the specifics, its amazing what the.customer.service is on this company, but in general, I find that marking the cutback with a Sharpie and then using a grinder to grind to the line is easiest. Make sure you wear safety glasses because little hot pieces of flying plastic suck. Renegade does a better job than I've ever been able to do at home and there is a couple of tricks like.beveling the edge and taking a bit of side wall but I've cut boots back at home and had it work.