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Discipline: LD/Endurance, CMO, Trail Rider, Cartoonist, Writer, Co-Director/ Green Bean Endurance

June 12, 2013

Sharing for Dave W.


  1. Ha.I was also going to throw this video on my blog.. pretty fun video.. wish the footage was a little less shaky but not bad for a camera on a stick..!! This season, you and I are on the endurance bench together it seems. I did not renew my membership. (hangs head)I am doing other things.. I don't plan on leaving the sport and would happily catch ride for anyone looking for a rider in my region . I miss the goal of getting ready for a ride but I don't miss the incredible amount of work/logistics that came with getting Maggie ready.. Seems a lot of folks are able to get away with a few 25 mile days on their horses and then can enter a 50 and get through just fine. I didn't have that luxury with Maggie. It takes more time to condition her. Ofcourse a Morgan just won the Tom Quilty Ride in Australia !! I do miss the endurance and I definitely plan to get back to it at some point for now, I just flat don't have the time to train 4 days a week, which requires hauling to trail heads in my home range. I also have limited areas to condition in that are suitable to endurance conditioning. Mostly we have straight up and straight down narrow mountain trails.. Only two really good areas that are perfect for endurance conditioning nearby without an hour ling trailer ride.... anyways, thanks for putting this fun video up. I really enjoyed watching it and reminded me how fun endurance is MEANT TO BE!

  2. Yeah...I'm not going to lie. I still l♥ve it. When you sort out all the crap, this is supposed to be what the sport IS about. Inspiring... Way to go Dave for video.

  3. Jonna, I tried so hard to find a compatible (meaning slow) training partner. I even offered free stabling to one since I had ten miles of trail here at home. Thinking maybe someone who didn't have trail access might like being able to ride out without trailering. Now that I've stopped conditioning I'm finding it very hard to "find" that groove, and will to start over. At some point if I live long enough, I want to savor that 50 mile.

    While I'm on here I want to give a shout out to FUNDER and the Dixie chic. A hundred miler on their plate, and they freakin' ROCK. I'll be thinking of you.