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June 28, 2013

Isn't it Pretty?

Photo credit   In the past week I have spent hours chopping this stuff down with a hand scythe better known as manual weed whacking  It is stinging nettle and makes your skin (and your horses) feel like you are being burned by zillions of biting insects.  Okay, that might be a little over the top but NOT MUCH.  The whole bottom of our back woods is covered in this stuff, and that is one of my woodland trails to keep the Spotted Wonder tuned up.  She has a nice three foot path all the way through there now.  Next project is taking a tree limb down with a hand saw so I can zoom under without ducking, and then convincing LSEGH to fire up the bush hog and mow a path back to the hill of mud and doom which is on the other side of that tree.

Yellow squash browning on the stove, my WORLD FAMOUS pork chops on a platter ready to serve, fresh sliced cucumbers and onions chilling in vinegar, salt, and pepper & my secret ingredient in the fridge, a small dish of augratin potatoes warming.  Oh!  I have to go back out and pull green onions ☺  I love food in the summer time.


  1. Stinging nettles are awful awful things!!!.. Dinner sounded good.. Were the cukes and onions from your garden? Our onions are getting close to being ready and I plant some Lemon cucumbers. I had three plants but only one survived after getting snowed on. I have never tried them but I hope this one little plant produces

  2. Yes, I grew the cukes. Home grown cucumbers are among my favorite veggies (and store bought not so much). Next up in the garden is green beans. I can't wait.