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April 26, 2013

Cafe Press Product Review

Cafe Press asked for me to select a product of my choice and try them out and follow up with a review.  My selections were an ARMY style cap with the Endurance Granny logo, and a necklace with the logo.
The hat is a soft drab olive which does not show well in the digital photo.  It is one size fits all with a velcro tab adjustment in the back.  The fit was good, it is soft to the touch and of good quality workmanship.   I REALLY LIKE IT. The positioning of the logo was probably a "me" error as I did the design without help (on purpose) to see how user friendly the Cafe Press really is.  You can see that the necklace lost the edge of the moon...again, my positioning was slightly off.  I was happy with the experience over-all, though I would be much more critical of placement of an image in the future. I would have liked the horse down a little on the hat, and over a little on the necklace.  Some items are easier to place images on than others.  Adding text is very simple.  If you are feeling creative give Cafe Press a whirl!    

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