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January 5, 2013

All's Quiet & Cold in The Kingdom of Mare

It has been a frozen and slippery world since our post Christmas snow storm and the follow-up New Year's snowfall.  My primary motivation this winter has been stay in, stay warm, don't break a leg.  So I've taken up some quieter (warmer) pursuits instead.  I now have two extra pair of half chaps that I sewed up over Christmas.  Royal blue and black ones with leopard trim.  finished that project up yesterday.  I've been doing some beading.  Learned ladder stitch yesterday using 6/0 seed beads (big beads, big holes for my eyes to see).  I have a new project in mind later today if YOUTUBE doesn't fail me to learn how to bead around a larger bead.

LSEGH is enroute with 50 bales of staying warm is not completely embraced in this equation ,bearing in mind I just stripped three stalls and a pile of frozen doo-doo.


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