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December 18, 2012

Four Legged

I know these things to be true.  Even though we have been hovering at about 56 degrees for daytime temperatures, my skeletal barometer is screaming get ready for winter... IT'S COMING.  So the horses were tucked up snugly into their stalls with a belly warming mash, racks stuffed to overflowing with grass hay, buckets topped off with warm water.  That is  the best part of my day.  My horses bring my pulse rate back to normal, make me smile, make me wish that I could be a "stay at home" kind of gal.  I've just never been enamored much with the world, preferring my closest friends have four legs, and short fur coats (LSEGH notwithstanding).  Never one for much conversation, my mind wanders into philosophical territory when I ponder my four legged friends.  I'm lucky.  So lucky.  I'm like the pied piper tooting a flute as I walk about the place.  Furry cats that adore me (did I mention I'm not fond of felines), that demand I pick them up, or rub furry bellies, an ancient decrepit dog that looks at me as if I were a god (humbling), and horses that run with hooves flying when I call (at least around supper time).  This little menagerie is my kingdom.  It is where I belong.  Where I fit.  Who I adore. Where I want to be.

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  1. You are indeed lucky! And what's with the 56* temps? We've been hovering around the low 20's for over a week; add a wind chill factor and it's below that 0 mark! The horses are loving their freedom; they've been out on the mountain on their own for the last 2 weeks and I miss them so - but not the feeding in our winds.
    Bionic Cowgirl
    PS - LOVE your drawings!