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December 2, 2012

Big Bad Blogger's Distance Race the finish!

And the winner's officially are...

FIRST PLACE in the PIONEER DIVISION:  Aurora at RED HEADED ENDURANCE with 1,116.2 miles.
FIRST PLACE in the CAVALRY DIVISION: Caitlin at RAFIKAH ROSE with 907.8 miles.
RUNNER UP OVERALL:  Kerrie at TRAILS & TRIALS 854.77 miles.  Each will receive a trophy for your year of hard work!

Congratulations ladies!  Your prize packages will ship out sometime the end of this week.    The winners of Cavalry & Pioneer will receive a monogrammed hay bag from LSEGH, and a hoof pick, one will receive Rein's from MOSS ROCK ENDURANCE (who rocked with their prizes if I say so myself), one will receive a sponge leash with matching accessory strap from MOSS ROCK to hang on your saddle.  One person will receive a map case for the saddle, a salt block holder, and a pair of horsey socks.   You'll know what you've won when you open the box ☺

Kerrie please email me so I can get your trophy and runner up prize in the mail to you.  For your efforts you will receive a pink bucket, pink Nutrena T-shirt, pink Nutrena ball cap, a buy one get one free Nutrena coupon (expires in December so hurry!) and a pink accessory saddle strap from MOSS ROCK ENDURANCE.

Please note the expiration date on your buy one get one free Nutrena coupons is DECEMBER!  So you will have to use them quick!  If you don't use Nutrena and don't know anyone that does, let me know and we'll give them to the person who does, but let me know quick!

A couple of our promised goods did not deliver and if they do....I'll get them too you.  But MOSS ROCK ENDURANCE and NUTRENA gave some nice little gifts.  Thank you so much.  Their ads will run for another year as a thank you.

Congratulations to all.  I hope you made all kinds of self-discovery this year about how tough you gals really are, and what incredible horses you ride.  I'm going to defer next year to the Distance Derby which had a big following  if someone decides to run it I will sponsor a small gift and will also ride if you will have me!!!   ~E.G.

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