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December 1, 2012

A Time to Reconnect

Journey and I will load up today and head for Brown County State Park.  We will mightily test "respect from the ground" to see if it has any bearing under saddle.  We are reconnecting with Journey's previous owner which should be nice.  Teri is a lovely person, inside and out.  She has a new horse now more suited to her needs, and I have Journey which is a leap towards my having an agreeable equine partner.  It is funny how personality and desire make one person's "nightmare" another's "dream."  I wish I could find that perfect person for Phebes.  Much as I love her and enjoy her sensitivity, it is also my undoing!  I'm at the age where I'd rather stay on than risk coming off.

Today promises to be unseasonably beautiful.  Temperatures in the high fifties, sunny, on December 1st☺  Several hours of trail riding lay ahead with a group of funny and personable women whom I hope to sell on the idea of a CMO October 5 & 6th 2013.  It Versailles isn't ready for us...perhaps I can convince my neighbors to allow us a day of use on the trails here.

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