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November 11, 2012

Oh! Potential Good News!

Possibly two rides at Versailles and another within firing distance at Heuston Woods State Park in Ohio (fairly close) and I already downloaded a map.  Heuston looks fairly straight forward to get to and the trails don't look like too much of a rat's nest *LOL*  Must say this has really perked up my spirits.  All a maybe...but a pretty firm maybe.

If weather is decent for me the weekend after Thanksgiving I may run up to Marti's, she has someone she wants me to meet.  Another cohort no doubt. 

Worked the "Pork Chop" again today, she was like a wild thing in the round pen the first ten minutes or so.  We have unseasonable warm weather and gusty winds, and both of the mares were really up.  Phebes actually got over her initial wild episode pretty quickly and settled down to doing good sweaty work.  Journey on the other hand....not so much.  When ever we have gusty wind the mares stare off into the woods to our north and act like the devil is upon us.  About the time I had it working for me five horses and riders came down our rode which runs right next to the round pen.  Enough said.  Some days it sucks to be me!  But for the most part it was a nice weekend.  Four and half mile hill hike that kicked my butt.  A little over ten miles riding and then being official horse holder assisting a friend with her first backing of a lovely warmblood filly.  Chili with my nephew and daughter whom I love with all my heart.  A visit with Mom, and several chapters of Killing Kennedy by Bill O'Riley which has been a great historical read so far. Last but not least, the Ford Fiesta was taken for a wash and vacuum.  Then LSEGH made me cheesecake. ☺

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