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November 2, 2012

HOW TO CMO! A beginner's booklet.

I found this little hand-out put together by MICMO (Michigan's group for CMO).  It is the best article I've found thus far on the topic, and if someone were presenting the idea to new people, saddle clubs, or just wishing to get a feel for the sport themselves this is the one!  Written by Jeanne Beroza.  It covers all the basics.

What is CMO and CMO basics.
Trail Markings and Landmarks.
A sample CMO course map.
Long course vs. short course.
What you need as far as gear.
How to read the compass.
How to triangulate where that darned station is!
What to do when you get to a ride.
Strategy for taking the shortest route possible.
What not to do!!!

Well written, very thought out.  Way to go MICMO!

You will find it HERE.


  1. Thanks for sharing! That booklet really explains things.

    I am considering heading up to Pennsylvania next year to try a CMO. If things go well, I might try to host a CMO clinic here in Virginia. I will just have to see how it goes.

    My boyfriend (an Army officer) has expressed an interest in CMOs. He especially seemed to like the inexpensive entry fees and fact that you can ride at your own pace. The fact that the entry fees are so inexpensive makes it tempting for us to at least try a CMO. It would be hard to justify spending all the money on fuel to get up to PA just to spend another $75-$100 (like for LDs here) just to TRY something new.

    We will see what next year brings!

  2. Sheri, if you decide to put on a ride I can put you into contact with a director who loves the sport and is very open to expanding into new areas of the country. Likewise, if you decide to put one on I might just load myself up in the little FORD FIESTA and come help out! I think you will really like it. I see these as awesome training for distance if your interest happens to lie both places. I also like that part of the burden is on "me". You have to really be focused and intent to find those stations! I can't speak to the people in other regions but the folks in this IN/IL region are fantastic, warm, and welcoming.