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November 5, 2012

Endurance Blurbs: Special Requirements

 Some rainy day reading.

Special requirements of endurance horse--risky business?

The Challenges of Endurance Exercise-Hydration.

Endurance and Horse Welfare.

Recognition and Management of Fluid and Electrolyte Changes.

Developments in the Reduction of Heat Stress.

Nutritional Guidelines for Endurance.

Heat Stress & the Endurance Horse, Electrolytes are not the only answer...

Ride Pulls what do those pesky codes mean?

Forage for Endurance Horses (what you feed matters!)

The Physiology of Fatigue.

Stress and the Endurance Horse.

Exertional Myopathy.

Signs of Early Fatigue in the Endurance Horse.

The Effects of Different Training Regimes on Endurance Horse.

Feeding to Avoid Problems...

Enjoy!  ~  E.G.

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