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October 5, 2012

Stirring it up ....a CMO clinic

I am seriously wanting to get a chapter/group started in the southeastern part of the state for CMO.   Logistically I'm geographically separated from most of the rides.  The only answer is to build a group down here and get some rides going in our corner of the state.  My compass pointing and plate finding skills are good enough to potentially host some clinics.  Have any of you ever promoted an event from scratch?  If so please post or email me  ( any ideas you might have on building interest for the sport, and getting some folks out for a CMO clinic.  This sport is so open to all age groups, all rider ability, for those who are competitive, and for those who are not.   The organization is not as large as AERC, and the rides are clustered within several regions.  But the sport is wide open for growth in all the states, and a ride would not be difficult to set up.  I'm hoping!


  1. I did a few CMOs when I lived in Michigan, and would love to do more around here (I'm in Louisville, but ride in SE IN regularly). I don't have time to organize one, but I would love to participate!

    1. Would love to have you participate. Versailles is supposed to open up camping in the spring...I'm talking to Marti about managing one there. I'll keep you posted!

  2. For the NACMO group, a friend and I once manned a booth at a winter horse fair. We did look somewhat official, having access to banners, etc., but the fun thing we did was to set up a CMO course in the building. During the setup phase, we put white paper plates all around the building including in vendors' booths (which the vendors loved because it brought people in). We scrounged up a half dozen compasses (you might have trouble with that), showed people how to read them with a plate in our booth, then wrote down their time and off they ran to find 3 plates. We had poster board with people's names and times. They kept coming back to see how they did.

  3. We have a saddle club around here and I might inquire about coming to one of their meetings, and putting on an interactive demonstration there. Also will be talking to our state park manager about setting up in dayparking at our local horse trails to see if I can interest folks on the sport that way. Setting up plates near the trail head, behind signs, under picnic tables etc. Sort of a quick SEE IF CMO IS FOR YOU CHALLENGE! Maybe I can get some feedback from some of my horse friends on facebook, and do a bit of networking that way. I SO WANT to get this thing going down here and have access to some rides. We have Versailles State Park with camping opening up in the spring, we could set up at Clark State Forest, MidWest Trail, and if I can get permission from a couple of property owners we could have one here at our place. Putting a ride on seems pretty straight forward. I have the basics, but need to talk to Marti about how to track the riders, record their points, and that kind of stuff.

  4. The post about doing it at a local horse expo sounds great! What fun! My recommendations would be to talk with your local 4H and FFA clubs. Generally getting juniors interested = two riders since a sponsor comes with them. :) Advertise on your local Craigslist and any local horse publications as well. Post signs at the local trailhead advertising the event several weeks in advance, feed stores, etc. Spread the word at any local horse club meetings (Back Country Horsemen's, AQHA, etc). You may appeal to a much broader audience than endurance so don't hesitate to go outside the "trail only" crowd.