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October 27, 2012

Movie Review: Alex Cross

My gorgeous red-headed daughter and I drove the prerequisite thirty miles this afternoon to see Alex Cross, a movie adaptation of the James Patterson criminal suspense series.   Morgan Freemond portrayed the character of Alex Cross in Along Came a Spider and Kiss the Girls?  I had a tough time making the leap to Tyler Perry stepping into those formidable shoes.  My daughter (red headed beauty above) who has not read the books wasn't as conflicted over the role as I.  Did I not only fail to accept him in this role,  I just didn't find him believable as the character Alex Cross.  Michael Sullivan however, was an entirely different experience.   His psychopathic narcissistic character was not only real, but fascinating and appalling all at the same time.  I'd say he pulls it off!  The films attempt at humor left me with a feeling of "that was inappropriate."  But who am I to find the thumb of a pruned woman in poor taste?
As movies go...I give it a "B". 
The plot-- eeeh!
Micheal Sullivan, lean, mean, believable, crazy dude!
Pass me a book...the books are better!
What say you?

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