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October 17, 2012

Ground Work with Journey

Since I have no agenda really for the rest of the year (though Spook Run keeps nagging at the cobwebs in my head) I'm using this opportunity to do some ground work with Journey.  She does have some holes in her training, and when there is downtime I like to at least hammer at some of those.   Journey is a dominant mare, but rarely attempts a show of dominance with me.  Until. Last.Night.

She's been idle for a couple of weeks now.  Last night she took offense to my backing her up and made like she would bite.  That got a quick reaction from me, and then we were back to backing!  Next I had her doing some snappy little changes of direction on the leadline, and she again thought she would thwart my direction.  NO.    Next she decided to rear and paw the air (too much feed, too little work) and so we fixed that.  Finally we did low jumps over an obstacle, and this she seemed to really enjoy.   She was a little booger, but seemed easy to redirect without too much ensuing drama.  Of course one evening of doing "something" isn't going to fix "anything."  But I'm claiming many wonderful fall days ahead for my own to work with both the girls.  I'd like to have Phebes back under saddle by spring *sigh*.  Too many horses and only one of me, but we shall see.  I tested her in the round pen and she was very respectful and quiet.  Maybe she has grown up?

~ E.G.

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