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Discipline: LD/Endurance, CMO, Trail Rider, Cartoonist, Writer, Co-Director/ Green Bean Endurance

October 4, 2012

An Invitation to Catch Ride a CMO

I'm so excited!  Marti C who is the regional director for Indiana/Illinois has invited me to catch ride a CMO weekend after next.  Her team is in contention for a National Team award and a team member needs to be somewhere else that weekend.  So guess who gets to ride with the front runners? 


(sound effect of little chubby woman bouncing up and down).

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (chubby woman's squeal of excitement)

I will be riding Amir at the Illinois ride weekend after next as a catch rider for their team.  Happily all I need to do is hang with it, follow, and try to eyeball some plates (targets).

In the meantime I have a new pair of glasses in transit.  Journey sort of put a "sprong" to mine with her head.  LSEGH found me a compass with bigger numbers on it and a dial that turns more easily than the one I was using.  So I should be able to see the numbers better. 

Can you tell I'm excited?

Fun, fun, fun!


  1. I'm "eeeeee"ing for you, too! =)

  2. Jacke, That's wonderful! I hope you have the best time and everything is wonderful! I can't wait to hear about the ride. I'm so glad for you to get this invitation!