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September 18, 2012

You could call me speechless (but it would be a lie)

I've always got "something" to say.   So far with my few little CMO inquiries, I have an invitation to attend a CMO, with a mentor to show me the ropes.  An invitation to come to someone's house and get a feel for the sport without the added competition element,  and another two people have emailed me, one just to say hello, and the other to fill me in on which end is up.  It has been amazingly thus far, very welcoming.

Looking at their ride schedule:
04/28/2012 04/29/2012Let's Get the Party Started, Kingdom Prairie - North Judson IN Details Flyer
05/26/2012 05/27/2012 05/28/2012Mt. Eschol Memorial weekend CMO - Milton, IN Details Flyer
06/09/2012 06/10/2012Kankakee State Park - Bourbonnais, IL Details Flyer
06/23/2012 06/24/2012York Hills Horse Park - Albion, IN Details Flyer
07/07/2012 07/08/2012Wolf Creek Park - Findlay, Il 62534 Details Flyer
07/21/2012Miller Woods - Lake Village, IN Details Flyer
07/22/2012Deep River County Park - Hobart, IN Details Flyer
08/11/2012 08/12/2012Potato Creek - North Liberty, IN Details Flyer
09/01/2012 09/02/2012 09/03/20123Day Matthiessen State Park CMO - Utica, IL Details Flyer
09/15/2012 09/16/2012Tippecanoe River State Park - Winamac, IN Details Flyer
09/29/2012 09/30/2012Salamonie CMO - Salamonie Lost Bridge West Details Flyer
10/13/2012 10/14/2012Middle Fork CMO - Collison, IL Details Flyer
I'd have about seven rides (total of 14 ride days) a year that I could attend for ummmm...$140 plus fuel. Then if I could get them to assist me in managing one here at The Versailles State Park, that would be just incredible!  But first things first.  I must learn to read a compass (and uh....a trail map).  Don't laugh, it is just how I am.   ~ E.G.

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