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September 10, 2012

AERC Members Forum & RideCamp I have a masochistic love/hate addiction to these two forums.  So much so that I am subscribed to both, and read more or less every square inch of as it lands in my inbox.  I have to wonder though about the usefulness of these forums in capturing and keeping new blood to the distance sports.  Personally I've posted a response or a question a handful of times over the past few years, and usually I get blasted either right then or there, or get some horrid response sent to my mailbox, which isn't the fault of the forum necessarily, but rather that the non face to face of the internet is complimentary to the inner bully.  When new riders eventually find their way there and offer up an opinion, or an idea, or ask a question, often all unholy hell breaks loose.  How does that help new rider retention?  How does it draw new people into the sport.

So here I offer some tips for the newbie on staying out of the fray on the forums:

Don't go! 

HOWEVER...If you are masochistic use the following words in your post:

CHANGE (change rules....bad, bad, bad)
CTR (may you rest in piece)
NEWBIE (just because you are, just paint a target on your chest)
BOOTS (if you are in support of them)
SHOES (if you don't use them)
BAREFOOT(if you think it is a healthy choice)
REAL (all in relation to LD, Endurance)
ENDURANCE NEWS (in support of electronic media rather than wasteful paper)

I'm sure there are more...I'll keep you "posted."  

Stay safe! ☺


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  1. In my years of doing distance (mostly CTRs, a few LDs), but also doing a whole bunch of other stuff with horses, it is still my opinion that endurance riders are the most clique-ish I've seen. Although individual ride managers try hard to get newbies to come into their sport, it stops there. Too many ride meetings consist of "same trail as we've always had". I've found very few individual riders who will personally encourage a rookie. Luckily I have a half dozen friends who do this sport so I'm able to hang with them, and I LOVE doing this sport.

    Sorry to hear you're giving it up. I would highly recommend you check into Competitive Mounted Orienteering ( Tons of fun, great atmosphere, do it on a team...