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August 29, 2012

Waiting on IKE or what remains of it....

The timing couldn't be worse.  This weekend was slotted for pushing the limits a bit doing a 20/20 split over Saturday and Sunday prior to our next attempt in Ohio which I'd hoped to attempt 25/25.  The remnant of the hurricane will roll through here this weekend dumping up to six potential inches of  rain. 

BLECH!  The midwest needs the rain, but we do not need the risk of tornado activity again.  Or the flash floods that will result from heavy rains just rolling over concrete hard soil.

Goals may again need to be realigned.

Journey has been a little butt head the past few rides.  Spooking at things she ordinarily pays no attention to.  She almost unseated me an hour ago trotting in the arena.  She spooked huge at the round pen.  The round pen!  She has only looked at it every day since she's been here.  Some moody mare stuff going on there...maybe her hormones are out of whack.  She was getting so wiggy that I just slowed everything down and worked her on backing up, and even got a one sided side pass.  She was also catching on somewhat to neck reining which is new.  I'm looking forward to finishing up the ride season (did I just say that?), and working more on these sort of training skills that make a horse such a nicer partner overall.  I'm not currently convinced that Journey has the gears (or desire) for this sport...if not, I'll at least have a horse that I can point  towards new goals.   Probably the months of September and October will bring about decisions along those lines on my part.

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