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August 1, 2012

The Rest of the Year

My ride goals currently are another LD in September, back to back LD's in October, and if the endurance gods are willing....attempt a 50 two weeks later the end of October (much has to align right there or we will do LD's again).

Some of our smaller projects are coming together.  The whoa is getting more responsive, though not as acute as I'd prefer...we are improving our horrible back up, the canter is buck-free 95% of the time (she considers giving it a whirl now and then), unplanned directional departures have been 95% eliminated (she considers giving it a whirl now and then).  The quality of her downhills has improved.  Interestingly, on our home rides is where she has horrible downhills.  On away rides she sensible about her downhills, slow, but safe.  Average moving speed is improving, just need to build the strength of her canter to a solid quarter mile at a pop, and extend the trot a bit. She's good at shifting gears, but not good at maintaining a stiff pace. We will continue  working on all this stuff.

I'm trying to think ahead as to what would be necessary for me to ride a 50.  I'll probably need another woolback TOKLAT so she can have a change halfway through.  I'm not sure about gaitered boots for 50 miles, should we glue on?  Perhaps back to back LD's will answer that one.  My rain gear is still not good and this could be a cold wet ride being late October.  I have rain gear, but I overheat if I use it. Perhaps I can dip myself in some sort of water proof goo that will make me shed water like a fish ☺ so I can ride in my tank top and a pair of shorts.  I've not solved the foot issue and it is a big big big problem.  So much pain by ten miles that I'm ready to quit (and I'm no quitter!).  Several people have mentioned New Balance trail shoes.  I've got to have something that pads the ball of my foot.  Tried raising my stirrups and that is a no go, sets off swelling in my knees with in fifteen minutes.  Perhaps I should cut out a section of the stirrup so the ball of my foot does not compress...I've had steriod injections which work for the short term, and I use Voltarin religiously to keep the swelling at least under control.   It is a pain in the........foot (other places too).

As fall approaches I begin to think about next year.  Hard to make any lofty goals when gas prices jumped 40 cents a gallon in one day, feed prices took another bound upward by about a dollar a bag, and hay is scary expensive.  So I won't call these goals..just stuff I'm thinking on.

Next year I'd like to do something a little different.  I want to explore and try some new things with my horses to include Phebes at least part of the time.  I'd like to try another Endurance 50 with Journey, attend a CTR in Ohio, try mounted orienteering, and do an ACTHA with Phebes.   If Phebes maintains healthwise, I'd love to get that last LD done in a slow way to get her 250 mile chevron (big whoppin' maybe there) on a nice flat ride somewhere.  So five potential goals, but finances will rule the day.  If I can only do one it will be the Endurance ride with Journey and I'll point to a ride I've never done before.  I'd love to aim towards one particular ride...but the goal is probably ill-timed  for her until she gets more experience and exposure.  There are some possibilities there, I just need to decide over the winter which way we shall go!

Now off to the mines.  ~E.G. (who gets rid of those stitches today, happy happy happy!)



    I have actually been working on slowing my horse down. If you should ever make it out to Virginia then we can ride together! His 12 mph trot has been slowed down to a consistent 7 mph and he has even showed me that he can trot at 5 mph if asked. It has literally taken me over a year to accomplish this. Everyone has different goals!

    So come on to Virginia! I am waiting for you!


  2. Sheri, I wish! You know I think what my little silent dream ride might be...☺