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August 6, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Finding the Good Stuff

Here on the Old Dominion site is the holy grail of newbie endurance information. You can find just about the entire catalog of information here in one place.

 Old Dominion is the "other" 100 mile ride.  Some say Tevis is tougher, those from our side of the country proclaim The Old Dominion to be "THE BEAST OF THE EAST."  This ride isn't as old as the Tevis, having been run since the early seventies.  It likely has its own claim for being tough due to the grueling rocky terrain + the humidity to go along with it.  If you want to really test your endurance you can ride "Cavalry" meaning NO CREW, NO HELP.  Now that is a test of Endurance.  I'd love to hear tales of the trail if anyone has some concerning the other 100 mile ride.         ~E.G.

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  1. I was at the finish line of the 2010 Old Dominion 100 when John Crandell rode in on Heraldic, winning the ride. John dismounted and declared, "That was the hardest 100 I have ever ridden." John Crandell has plenty of Old Dominion AND Tevis wins (sometimes both in the same year) so I consider him to be quite an expert on both trails. If John Crandell says that the OD 100 is the hardest 100, then I believe that the OD 100 is the hardest 100. By the way, I had finished the OD 55 earlier that day on Heraldic's half sister. That was by far the toughest 50 (or 55) I have ever done!