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August 25, 2012

Life's been bogging me down

All hell's broken loose here at the Kingdom of mare.  I had my little stitch up / crash in the ER a few weeks back, then my youngest daughter broke her toe, literally snapped it sideways broke clean in two at the phalange of the foot.  I'm not done yet.  My oldest daughter was riding last weekend and at the canter her horse stepped into a hole, sank, and flipped.  She has complete separation of her left shoulder.  The ER told her it wasn't broke and to just go home and take anti-inflammatories, the arm hanging useless.  Five days later she goes to her general practitioner for follow up and tells them she's in excruciating pain and has no use in her arm.  They pull her radiology report and inform her that there is a two inch gap between the bone and the shoulder socket, muscles ripped and out of place and she needs surgery before the arm becomes frozen into that useless position.  I've been torqued.  Younger daughter is moving, but cannot walk without aid of crutches and was told to bear zero weight on the foot, and to see an orthopedist about having it pinned.
I'm thankful Holly wasn't killed, it was a bad wreck as horse stuff goes.  But she is very broken at the moment.  Both girls are out of work until their bones heal.  It has been a rough few weeks.  Just shoot me now.

On the horse front, I've not done as much riding on Journey as I'd like, so we slipped backwards a bit on our ride time today.  We still managed a 5.5 mph average but that is a bit closer than I want to cut it on an actual leaves me so little time for problem solving in case of any kind of snafu that should arise.

 Journey: "What are we doing today?"
~E.G.:  Ummm...let me see, I'll give you three guesses.

Journey:  "Crap! Only need one guess on this one."

~E.G.: "Okay, so you got it with one guess.  Let's make sure you understand the rules."
Journey: "She thinks I'm stupid when I tell her it clearly says carry out the trash...ain't that what I've been doing?"
~E.G. "Watch it Journey."
Journey: "So ten miles later here I come carrying the...I' mean following the...."
~E.G. : "I see a bucket of cold water at the trailer with YOUR name on it."

Journey: "How freaking humiliating."  
Journey: "Hmmm...this aint' half bad if she'd just quit sucking on my face."
~E.G. : "I'll kiss you if I want to, you cost me enough that's for sure."
Journey: "Nom...nom...nom..."

Journey: "I think she said I'm too sexy for my fur."
~E.G.: " More like crossed with a common cur."
Journey: "She doesn't really mean that."

~E.G.  "Alright...I take it back.  You are pretty cute."


  1. :( :( Not a good time for you guys. I was cringing at the shoulder separation. Sending healing thoughts for one and all.

  2. We have had our share of bad experiences with ER doc's.

    And if you ask for a second opinion, they're likely to tell you that you're ugly, too.