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July 23, 2012

Product Review: The Ultimate Direction Waist Pack

On Sunday I filled the bottle with Hydration Sport Drink from that I purchase in single serving packets, and stir into water out of the tap.  I makes my electrolyte drink cost about twenty cents instead of two dollars.  The stuff tastes really good and has no sugar to give me hypoglycemic lows.  I strapped the bad boy on and climbed aboard the spotted wonder.  Worn as the product is supposed to be worn the bottle on the right, my elbow wanted to come in contact with the top of the bottle.  When riding I detest bumping into anything as that is the source of most chafing and rubs.  So I started playing around with the position.  The most comfortable for me was to twist it to the left until the zippered pocket was to the front, and the bottle to my left.  That canted the bottle in a backwards slant, which opened the space at my elbow.  My homemade added keeper strap worked great, and within a few minutes I no longer noticed I was carrying a full bottle of fluid on my hip.   The bottle itself has a rubber nozzle that has some kind of a one way valve so it doesn't spill like my other bottles if I don't close the tip.  You can also squeeze it to get a big blast of fluid, which is pretty handy.   So the Ultimate Direction Waist Pack is a keeper, and will accompany me on all hot weather or long rides in the future.  If you are interested in buying one, they are about $20 give or take a few dollars depending on the vendor.  ~E.G.


  1. I have had the two bottle version of this for a few years . I originally bought it for riding but find myself using more when I hike or bike. I did use it this last weekend because I knew i would need a way to pack extra water. I find it to be an "OK" addition because I can easily access the bottles, even at a trot if I really concentrate, but it does bounce a bit, no matter how tight I make that strap... which also tends to loosen and needs frequent retightening..that is my biggest complaint about it. I was willing to put up with that this weekend for the sake of having extra water on board however. Does the one bottle holder bounce at all?

  2. I'm glad I opted for the one-bottle version, but if I were stranded I bet my philosophy on that one would alter :/

    I did have to re-tighten the strap but I think I can completely cure that with another velcro tab in the position I want it to stay. If it bounced it wasn't enough for me to take notice. Currently I can carry three drinks on my horse (one is her's in case I electrolyte I can wash her mouth, or if we hit a dry leg of the trail, she can at least have a wet mouth until we find water).