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July 8, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Don't be a horse trailer hoarder


I really want to write this post with conviction.  How to have a neat, functional, and comfortable albeit primitive set up inside the tack area of your bumper pull, gooseneck, stock trailer, whatever.   How to have simplistic storage, and reach for what you need, and find it.

But here's a confession.  "I'm a horse trailer hoarder."   I need a serious intervention.  I'm appallingly disorganized.  At a ride it becomes downright embarrassing.  There should be a sign on the perimeter of my camping site that reads "Caution: you are entering the clutter zone."

So for this very big (small) thing.  I must refer the newbies of the distance world to safer ground:

Karen Chaton has some nice organizational tips here.

Baskets and bins to make it all easier without a trailer overhaul.

Saddle lockers/ trunks.

Door organizers.

Hay bags.

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