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July 29, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Condition that horse!

Don't confuse training with conditioning.  Training means getting the gears working, steering, leg yielding, back ups, collection, leads.  Conditioning is bringing the horse into fitness for the job at hand.  People tend to interchange the words training and conditioning even though one is one thing, and the other is the other! There are more programs than you can shake a stick at... and one size (program) does not fit all.  Phebes a horse with more percentage of arabian, was much easier to get "fit", but then was inclined to self-destruction.  Journey seems much tougher over-all but does not have those awesome recoveries of 47 bpm at the vet check.  Horses like people have their own aptitude for athletic talent.  You will get that horse better, but how far you can take it is anyone's guess.  Dedication and persistence will get you started on the distance trail.  How well your outcome happens to be?  I couldn't possibly predict.

Conditioning program from SERA.

Another from Texas A&M.

What you may need to know about metabolics.

Old Dominion's take on conditioning.

Straight from the source the AERC Rider's handbook.

Peaking and tapering to improve performance.

Tom Knoll on heart rate training.

Shape up article.

Oh....conditioning a Rocky Mountain Horse...

It's all in the conditioning.

Bruce Weary on the slow way is the fast way.

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