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July 14, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Biothane tack

I love biothane.  There is good reason that most rider's use it.  The stuff works great, it is very adjustable, and best of all clean up is a snap.  I've yet to wear a piece of it out.  The only bad thing about it is the color start wanting to pick out "outfits" for your horse.  In the early days of distance riding gear buying can become a sickness.  It has only taken me about four years to finally "settle in" to having the gear I like, and continue to use.

You can see a nice set of tack here from The Distance Depot.  I shamelessly plug them because they are my favorite vendor!   42 colors to choose from!!!  Here at our farm we have red, silver, black, brown, and royal blue.  I've lowered my overall expense by having a breast collar that is black, and purchasing colored reins, and bit/hack hangers in the colors.  So if I want to change my colors I only need purchase the reins, bit hangers, and a sponge and I'm good to go.   I like dressing my horse like some people like dressing their kids.  In all honesty though, your horse can start the sport in what they have as long as it fits well, but once you see the wonderful beta/biothane tack, you are going to want it.  It is an investment, and it's worth it.  My next color.... green or ummm....lavender, maybe purple, see? ☺ *LOL*

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