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July 16, 2012

Newbie's Corner: Affordable Fun Tights.

Who cares?  Be comfortable, make sure your undergarments, and outer garments don't eat you alive, and be done with it.

Though "the smiley" tights

 may be my all time favorite tights ever for their in your face awesomeness, I often ride at home in cheap little tights from Wal-mart, or my old  Kerritts.

  My radical fashion statement are the zebra tights, which I have found to be good conversation starters as nobody in the Midwest is that non-traditional.

For personalized tights, great quality, and to add a little fun to your endurance wardrobe check out The Tights Lady (Evelyn) she does a great job.  Professional sewing at an affordable price.  Tell her endurance granny sent you!

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  1. I'm VERY tempted to get zebra tights for my backups. Did you know she's got black-and-red zebra print now?

    I ride in Old Navy yoga pants for my short "at home" rides.