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July 8, 2012

The Law of Attraction

~It is said that if one focuses on one's desire, long enough, and hard enough that the law of attraction will bring that circumstance to fruition.  Positive thoughts bring positives, negative thoughts draw in the darkness.

This is my little old positive outline for a horse trailer makeover:

The pale gray is my visualized (cartoon style) entry door.  My drawing is off-kilter in that the back divider wall slants toward the rug on the floor, so there isn't really all that much floor space that is free.  In front of the rug is where my cot sits, and it stretches the width of the trailer.  The privacy curtain is for the port-a-pot!  The upright cabinet would be bolted to the floor, and attached to the wall with screws to keep it from tipping over in transit.  The trunk would hold Journey's water proof blanket, rump rug,  and feed container.  The drawers in the base of the upright would have hoof boots, mallet, gas cylinders for heat.  The upper drawer all my paper towels, plates, coffee cups, and eating utensils, leaving a drawer for snacks in the middle.  On the side of the upright cabinet facing the door, a mirror, hoof pick, and a tissue box holder.   The top of the cabinet would have a rod for hanging  a jacket and  maybe some storage baskets inside to hold this and that.  A good quality machine washable rug runner in front of the cot.  

I'm thinking the total renovation would not be over $500 (except for the bale bags which I'd have to buy one at a time).  There is no actual finish work involved except for the under cot storage thing.  I'll have to cipher (ummmm....meditate) on the person who could build the cot base.

So the basic wish list for this project:

Tall upright cabinet- $99
Matching trunk or a 3-drawer unit if I can't source the trunk, but want them to match. $40-99
Rug for the floor- $40

Already have the privacy curtain.
Already have the bedding.

It wouldn't be "The Ritz" but it sure would be exceedingly better than my pile of plastic totes!

Sterilite 4-Shelf Cabinet.Opens in a new windowThis is a $99 cabinet

 Sterilite 4 Drawer Storage Unit.Opens in a new windowA four drawer for$99

or the trunk for about $40
Sterilite Plastic Camp Footlocker

 Then I'd need the materials for the cot base.  I could probably get by with some kind of fold down door instead of drawers and actually utilize more storage space under it for such things as my air tank, buddy gas heater, mounting block.

Behind the privacy curtain I have a hangup organizer for the horse's brushes, bridle hooks, and helmet holder.

I'm kind of excited at the prospect, I'll keep thinking POSITIVE!

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