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June 30, 2012

It is cooling off *LOL* only 96 today

Coupled with humidity at 36% , it is HOT.  We had a brief cooling off period yesterday evening couple with some really freakish high winds.  LSEGH and I were in Madison, IN at the time and saw the metal being pealed off of a factory roof...very bizarre.  One minute it was hot and clear, and the next winds started really hurtling through.  No rain, just wind.   It kind of flashed me back to the remnant hurricane winds that blew through a few years ago, only this lasted for about twenty minutes as opposed to all day.

I felt pity for Phebes yesterday sweating standing still.   Gave her a nice cool sudsy bath, rinsed her, detangled her beautiful mane, rubbed her good with a towel, turned her loose and caught Journey for her bath.  Before I even got Journey up to the wash area Phebes had rolled in something and was black again.   At least Journey seemed to like being clean even if she doesn't enjoy the process of getting that way.

More hay into the barn today.  We about have our winter supply, but the grass is whipped.  Too many weeks without a drop of rain, I don't think the pasture could recover at this point even if more normal weather set in, the horses have grazed it down to the dirt.  Which means we will need, more hay still.  We have been feeding small portions of hay, and stepping up the concentrated ration of feed.  I'm concerned about the increase in all things horse over the past year.  I looked at vet wrap yesterday and the price had jumped from $1.79 a roll to $2.69 a roll.  What the crap!   Stall bedding was up about a dollar a bale.  How can the trend of what things cost continue to go up, up, up....but wages don't ever keep up?  We saw small bales of grass / alfalfa mix hay yesterday on a truck for $9.25 a bale.   If I had to pay that  price hay for the horses would be over $400 per month plus the cost of bagged feed at $160 a month to supplement.  I think I need a second job...

On a happier note there is a chance of thunderstorms tonight.  Hoping for rain instead of high winds. ~E.G.

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