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July 1, 2012

Freaking Ingenious!

This guy is selling what amounts to a pump up sprayer with a black housing (for solar heating purposes).  This would be so cheap and easy to replicate for use while primitive camping...

I'm going to purchase a large size pump up sprayer, spray paint it flat black....and see how it works.  To go along with it I need to find a large flat tray to stand on.  I'll bet the inner tray from a large dog crate would work great for that with a drain hole drilled in one end.  Hmmmmmmm....


  1. Wow! I will have to look into one of these (or maybe copying it like you are going to do). Thanks for sharing!

  2. a friend took a small little blow up swimming pool camping, and would stand in it in the back of the trailer to shower. Then he would dump it away from his camp. You can also stand in a much bucket if you always have one along. If you use it for manure clean up, just put a trash bag in it to stand in to keep your feet out of the dirty muck bucket