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June 8, 2012

Trying a different Bit

Yesterday I picked up a new bit for Journey.  It is a snaffle with a short shank, chin chain (which I will wrap with vet wrap to soften), and has a double break with a copper rolly ball thingy over the tongue.  We start work today to get a little more response to "give" to the bit and begin to work on a more responsive whoa.  I'm going to hang on to her Myler bit, but I have a Parelli Myler bit I will sell of anyone is interested.  It needs a new nose band/ chin strap which can be ordered through Myler or Parelli.   Asking $75 for it, or would trade for a good used Toklat Woolback Pad or a good size O easyboot Glove.        ~ E.G.

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